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About Me

I was born on a farm in North Yorkshire, and moved to Australia when I was 19, I had no qualifications and had no idea what I wanted to do or be, I was, and still am, very dyslexic! All I knew was that I had to leave the UK as it held no future for me that I could see.

Lotus Flower Bali
Mark Egerton

The Early Years

Fate stepped into my path when in 1967 I answered an advert in The Times, seeking a fourth person to join a Land Rover trip driving overland to India. I applied, went for an interview, was declined because of my age, the others were in their late 20s and then a week later I got a letter asking me to join them!

I was overjoyed, I had never been out of the UK. These individuals became my teachers as they opened my eyes to the world.

I flew to Perth and then took a train across the Nullarbor to Sydney, although I had no contacts, I felt I was home! I got a job as a window cleaner which led to being a cowboy central NSW, which I loved and did it for 3 years. I got on a horse at 7am and rounded up cattle or sheep in the most beautiful countryside all day.

Fate stepped into my path again, when I got a phone call from a stranger asking me if I wanted to be a “driver” on a feature film starting in Sydney! My job was to drive the Irish comedian Dave Allen to the location, we became firm friends.

My “eureka moment” came when I drove him onto the set on the first day of filming. Etched in my memory are the sights of lights, cameras, hundreds of people etc and one man, the Assistant Director, telling everyone what do. I knew I had found my calling and wanted to be “That Man”.

I did and my credits include; Picnic at Hanging Rock, Gallipoli, Breaker Morant, Mosquito Coast and The Year Of Living Dangerously. 50 other feature films followed including, 12 Monkeys, The Saint, 7 Years in Tibet, Alien V Predator, Resident Evil Extingtion, Death Race, and Maoʼs Last Dancer.

My Photography

My film career ended when I got cancer at the beginning of Death Race and, although it was removed immediately and I completed the film, I was told by the Producers that I couldn’t work again for five years due to insurance policy. I was sixty and to be told I couldn’t make another film for five years was devastating.

For two years I suffered from severe depression, I had been married to the film Industry and this was like a colossal divorce.

Eventually I came out of it and started my photographic career. Photography is a great ladder out of depression.

At my funeral I am hoping I will carried into the church accompanied by Lee Marvin singing “I was born under a wandering star”

You can play the YouTube video of Lee Marvin singing below.

Buy My Images Online 


The purpose for this website is to display a large variety of images which will transform your home, office or any other space, great for hospitals and schools.


The images can be purchased as framed prints, canvases, metal prints, mounted prints or posters.


This site also offers a huge variety of products including phone cases, apparel, mugs, beach towels, tote bags, zip cases and more, ideal for unique presents or your personal use.


More images are added on a regular basis, as I continue my photographic journey.

Alexa Young, Helmsley

“The quality of print is excellent, the images I ordered look amazing. I would highly recommend visiting Mark's website shop."

Call 07889 071765 for more information about by my images

The Hay Wagon
Evening Shadows
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